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PEPOMA List – Wilsons Promontory National Park (Victoria)

17/12/2014  PEPOMA List – Pete’s Extreme Points Of Mainland Australia

Pete has compiled his own wish list for our travels around Australia. These are geographic points of interest and include:

√ Northernmost Point – Cape York, QLD (10°41’21” S 142°31’50” E)

√ Easternmost Point – Cape Byron, NSW (28°38’15” S 153°38’14” E)

√ Southernmost Point – South Point, VIC (39°08’20” S 146°22’26” E)

  • Westernmost Point – Steep Point, WA (26°09’05” S 113°09’18” E)
  • Planimetric Centre of Gravity – NT (25°36’36” S 134°21′17″ E)
  • Median Point – NT (24°15’00” S 133°25’00” E)
  • Furthest Point from the Coastline – NT (23°02’00” S 132°10’00” E)
  • Lowest Point – Lake Eyre, SA (−15 metres)
  • Highest Point – Mount Kosciuszko, NSW (2,228 metres)

The first two points had already been achieved by Pete on his Cape York trip with Simon and Andrew in 2013 and when he and I visited Byron at the beginning of 2014.

The third point was achieved today, when we visited Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria’s  largest coastal wilderness area. Well, let’s just say as close as we could get without having an overnight hike there. It’s a 40.8km walk from the car park at Mt Oberon to South Point, which generally takes two days with camping midway.

For us, it was just as good to see it in the distance from the Mt Oberon Lookout, so we decided this was the way to go. Mmm, my map reading skills definitely need some work as I read it as only a 585m walk from Telegraph Saddle car park. Thinking this was doable, we set off up a steep pathway towards the top. After a while, I realised that it was 585m above sea level and other hikers on the track informed us it was a 3.5km moderate/hard hike uphill to the lookout. After having gone 1.5km, we didn’t feel like turning back even though our leg muscles were seizing up. We were so proud of ourselves though when we reached the summit. The view from the top was spectacular and well worth the effort. We were smiling all the way back – could it have been because it was all downhill?

We visited lots of the sandy beaches, sheltered coves and temperate rainforest areas of the ‘Prom’ and kept remarking on how beautiful it all was. We checked out Squeaky Beach, so named because when you walk on the rounded quartz sand it ‘squeaks’. On our walks, we saw crimson rosellas, blue fairy wrens, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and a lone sooty oystercatcher. A swamp wallaby was there to welcome us back after our climb up Mt Oberon. We would love to visit this beautiful area again and stay for longer. A new favourite place for us!

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