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Lake Wivenhoe (South East Queensland) to Wollongbar (New South Wales)

21/08/2014  After exploring the Bunyas we travelled to Lake Wivenhoe. What an absolutely gorgeous spot and so close to Brisbane. The birdlife was spectacular on the lake and we even had a pair of whistling kites nesting above the van. Andrew surprised us with a visit on his way back home from Toowoomba, which just made our day. We’re thoroughly enjoying the caravanning life but do miss the kids so much. I spent lots of time bird watching while Pete decided there weren’t any fish to be caught after checking out the other fishermen – no fresh fish for dinner yet!


A nice way to start the day with bacon and eggs but not good for the waistline! This cheeky kookaburra arrived out of nowhere when the bacon packet was opened each morning, hoping to join in. But no such luck, it was always too yummy to share on a cold morning.

It was so kind of SEQ Water to provide us with our own personal sheltered table and chairs outside the door of our van and each day ended with a glorious sunset which was just too beautiful not to capture on film.

After leaving Lake Wivenhoe we drove to Wollongbar near Lismore to visit Janet and Fred Durham who live on their finger lime farm. We loved catching up with them both as we haven’t seen them for quite some time. Pete got to help Janet herd a neighbours’ goats out of the finger limes and back into their paddock and then repaired the break in the fence. We visited Nimbin for the day. What an interesting place but unfortunately we missed out on visiting the Nimbin Hemp Museum as it had burnt down the previous week. Pete was disappointed as he wasn’t even offered any jungle weed while we were in town. Maybe it was because of the sign he was standing next to! 

While on a drive, we came across the Tucki Tucki cemetery with a sign pointing out a bora ring in the cemetery grounds. In a gum tree next to the bora ring I saw the first on my Animal in the Wild (AITW) Bucket List for the trip – a koala. While we had koalas on our property at Silver Pinch, that was home to me and different for some unknown reason. I was really excited at ticking off my first AITW and the koala was even cuddling a baby – two for the price of one. My bucket list at this stage includes a koala, a platypus, a whale from the beach, a wombat, a sugar glider and a tree kangaroo.

We drove on to Evans Heads and the high lookout on the point which was beautiful but no whale unfortunately! I suppose that was wishful thinking – two animals on the bucket list in one day.


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