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Kimberley Kruiser – New Off-Side Awning

13/05/2015  In our travels, we only set up the large awning if we intend to camp in a spot for a few days. While it’s an excellent piece of design and is very sturdy in winds, it’s a bit fiddly to put up and take down, so for short stays we tend not to bother with it.

While we were back home recently, I had a canvas awning made-to-measure, to provide rain and sun protection for the off-side windows of the van. The awning has a rope edge along one side that fits into the sail track on the edge of the tropical roof, and is supported by four extendable aluminium poles and guy ropes. We’ve just set it up for the first time. It was very quick and easy to do, and does an excellent job of keeping the elements at bay. During rain, we can now leave both banks of windows open for ventilation, or just the off-side ones if the large awning isn’t set up.

When we camp, we try to face the van South-North for optimal solar power generation, so the off-side of the van is generally exposed to the western sun. I may have another canvas panel made up that will lace vertically between the two rearmost poles to prevent solar heat radiating through this section of the caravan wall to the fridge and freezer located directly inside. Still working on the design…


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