Pallinup River Nature Reserve – Overshot Hill Nature Reserve (Western Australia)

30/11/16  Our camp spots are generally planned in advance, although “planned” is a bit of an overstatement – it’s more like which way we’ll be going and where we could be staying for the next few stopovers. I have a notebook in which I list the next four or five best looking camp site possibilities, the travelling distance between them, and whether there’ll be power and water available or not. That’s then useful in planning around our food and on-board water supplies, and where the clothes might likely next be washed. How long we stay at each place is decided when we’re there. Some end up being just overnighters and some might be for a week if we like the place or just want to stay put for a while and “hub out” around the area in the Landy.

These plans are always very flexible though and often we end up doing something completely off-plan, as evidenced by the many crossed-out entries in my notebook. Serendipity – the fortunate accident – often plays its part. As an example, we left Albany heading for Cheyne Beach, 70kms to the east on the South Coast Highway. Along the way, with a very grey sky overhead, Di suggested we push on instead to Bremer Bay, 150kms further on. We pulled in for lunch at a little bush rest area at the bridge on Pallinup River, and with the weather still very overcast, cold and windy, stayed there for the night. Who wants to go to the beach when it’s overcast, cold and windy? The rest area bordered a nature reserve where we took a pleasant walk looking at birds and the remaining wildflowers of the season.

Heading off to Bremer Bay the next morning, we ended up instead at another pleasant little bush spot called Overshot Hill Nature Reserve, just north of Ravensthorpe, and had the place all to ourselves for the night. Di was teased by a small flock of budgerigars that were noisy but too quick to be seen in the thick bush. We haven’t come across these iconic Aussie birds in our travels so far. We woke to a flat battery in the Landy because I hadn’t disconnected the van when we set up. Dumb! Fortunately, we had mobile reception and a call to RACQ soon had Bob out from Ravensthorpe to give us a jump start. The strange thing was that I’d dreamt about a flat battery that night. Job to do – fit a battery isolator.

Overshot Hill Nature Reserve (WA)

Overshot Hill Nature Reserve (WA)

Spots like these, camped back from the road in among the trees, are pleasant one- or two-nighters – fortunate accidents (apart from the unfortunate flat battery).

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

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