Mt Magnet – Cue (Western Australia)

17/07/16  From Wandina Station to our next camp at Mount Magnet took about 5 hours, pottering along at 80-90kph like we do. The road was great with very little traffic going our way. Most vehicles were heading south looking very dusty, probably on their way home to the SW corner at the end of the school holidays.

Lunch was at Pindar which used to be a reasonable sized town on the rail line in 1901 until the rail was closed in the 1970s. The whole town seems to have vanished. These days, it’s just a dot on the map. We parked opposite the wonderful old former Pindar Hotel, a heritage-listed two-storey stone corner pub that stands as a charming ghost of past glory in a street with only four other remaining buildings.

Pindar - Hotel (WA)

Pindar – Hotel (WA)

That night, we stayed in the Mount Magnet Caravan Park, and learned the next morning that four vehicles had been broken into in the early hours by having their windows smashed. One was in the next site to us. Our plan had been to stay in Mount Magnet for another couple of days to catch up with some local folk who would be back soon from a trip, but the incident changed our minds. We moved on up the road to the next town of Cue.

Cue is a small town with a population of around 300. It is heritage listed as a town of significant historical value, and little has changed of the short main street since it was first built in the 1890s. Unfortunately, like too small towns, most of the commercial buildings now appear to sit empty. The old gaol is in the grounds of the caravan park and was used for a while as the park’s ablution facilities. It would have to be the most interesting caravan facility we’ve come across. Now heritage listed, it’s being renovated and all signs of its more recent use have been removed.

In the meantime, I’d picked up some rubber fuel hose to replace the perished plastic air hose on the air compressor that disintegrated when I aired up the tyres. Only 12 months old and already stuffed. Thought it was a good price at the time but there you go.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of price has been forgotten”.

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