Hay (New South Wales)

8/05/16  The drive from Billabourie to Hay was a rather miserable affair. We woke to rain and drove all morning through rain, through the towns of Hillston and Goolgowi on the Kidman Way, then onto the Mid Western Highway to Hay in the western Riverina region of south western NSW. Not only was the weather dreary, the landscape was even drearier. Out this way, the country is as flat as a table and stretches on in every direction. Oncoming vehicles could be seen three days away. Fruitlessly, we spent our time seeking out a semblance of a hill. And there are only four trees in that part of the Riverina. I know because I counted them. There was almost a fifth, but it turned out to be a fence post. Even the sheep looked dismal which I could sympathise with because, after all, who takes pleasure from wearing a woollen jumper in the rain. Still, the cattle seemed happy in their leather gear.


It’s been raining on and off in the Riverina for about a week, which is good for those about to sow, and not good for those about to pick, yet good for those growing meat, but not good for those travellers who might drop a wheel off the edge of the hard stuff and onto the soft shoulder of the road. It didn’t happen to us but we saw many signs of where it had happened to others on the rather narrow Mid Western Highway. That plus the rain plus lots of water lying on the road made for a not very relaxing or enjoyable trip.

So, rather than the showgrounds as planned, we overnighted in Hay at the Big4 caravan park. Both of us had had enough of sploshing around in mud, and quite looked forward to pampering ourselves with paved pathways.

Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow. – Anon

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