Bourke – Cobar (NSW)

4/05/16  Travelling south from Cunnamulla, we crossed into New South Wales and spent two days in Bourke. The grey rain clouds cleared on the second day leaving sunny blue skies, and we dried the canvas awnings after the previous few days’ rain. Di took the opportunity to do a cook-up, producing a large curried stew that’ll give us a few meals, and a yummy roast in the Weber. That used most of our vegies which would otherwise have to be thrown out when we get to the quarantine area a little further south.

Packing up camp for the next move was a particularly slow process, largely from a general lack of motivation aided by lots of coffees, and it wasn’t until 10:00am that we were on the Kidman Way again heading south to Cobar, a short hop of 160kms.

Many caravans and motorhomes were on the road at this time of year, migrating from Victoria to flock in their warmer northern nesting grounds. My index finger was wearing out from offering up the obligatory “single digit wave” to oncoming travellers. I also like to intersperse this with the “four digit wave” to those who appear more worthy. Motorhomes can be quite responsive to “the wave”, particularly where the female passenger gives back an enthusiastic two-handed wave. It’s like “Hey, caravaners hardly ever wave at us in our motorhome, and that guy just gave us the “four digit wave”, and I’m going to let him know I really appreciate it!”

Against the trend, we were among the crazy few heading south, enjoying the pleasant days and cool nights after a run of very high temperatures starting in September last year in NT through to when we left home ten days ago. The wet weather brought a drop in temperatures, and welcomed relief from the very hot days. We’d been looking forward to a cool change and wintering in the van.

On the outskirts of Cobar, we free-camped on the bank of Newey Reservoir, among the shady pepperina trees. The waterfront view from inside the van was priceless. We watched ducks feeding in the shallows, a majestic white egret patiently stalking fish and a rather regal pelican cruising lazily past our camp.


“Tourists went on holidays, while travellers did something else. They travelled.” – Alex Garland, The Beach

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