Bowra Wildlife Reserve (Queensland)

2/05/16  Continuing our journey west, we headed from St George to Cunnamulla where, after a quick fuel stop, we went on a little way northwest to Bowra Wildlife Reserve.

The former cattle station, purchased by the Australian Wildlife Conservation in 2010, now operates as a nature reserve and is a popular destination for birdwatchers. We’d no sooner set up camp next to a waterhole when we were descended upon by mobs of red and grey kangaroos coming for a drink and to feed on the green pick beside the water. They were constant visitors throughout our two day stay.

The reserve is staffed by volunteer caretakers who stay for a month at a time, and who are themselves expert twitchers. We were provided with a map of the reserve showing all the vehicle tracks and best birdwatching spots, and off we went. It was overcast for most of the two days. On their website, they mentioned problems if it rained, and on day two we discovered what they meant. We’d driven out to a spot called Saw Pit Waterhole and while there, a very light shower of rain came over. Heading back, what was a nice bush track coming in turned to ugly sticky mud that caked the Landy and filled the wheel arches. It’s somewhat disconcerting when you turn the steering wheel and you just keep heading straight. But also kind of fun. We made it back to camp with a very muddy vehicle, and decided it might not be wise to extend out stay at Bowra Wildlife Reserve as we’d been thinking, in case we couldn’t get out.

Remember what I previously said about plans? With the change in weather, we’ve changed our plan to head to Cameron Corner. The rain seems to have set in around the place and, beyond Thargomindah, most of the roads are unsealed. It might be just too much of a gamble, and caravanning in the mud is not my idea of fun. It’s a pity, but we can get out there another time.

Di enjoyed the couple of days’ birdwatching, and ticked off two birds from her Birds I Really Want To See list – Major Mitchell Cockatoo and Bourkes Parrot. She’d been chasing those two since we were in the Northern Territory last year and was very pleased to have seen them at last.

“I only go birdwatching during mating season. I’m a pornithologist.” – Bauvard

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