Kruising Musings – 13

24/09/15  Tread Lightly

It is a real shame how some people treat Australia like a garbage bin or a big outdoor toilet.
As we travel around, we see litter and toilet paper in the most beautiful of places. Snack bar wrappers, drink cans, cigarette butts and plastic water bottles litter walking paths and picnic areas and roadsides and points of interest – just about everywhere. Empty beer cans lie on the side of the track in the remotest of places, casually discarded from passing cars. At bush camping sites and rest stops, some with toilets, the nearby grasses and bushes are decorated like Christmas trees with wind-blown lengths of white toilet paper. In a dry climate, toilet paper will not readily degrade and takes a long time to decompose away.

Such careless and thoughtless lack of respect for the environment spoils it for the next person who comes along. A place should be left better from our having been there, not worse. By using common sense and common courtesy, what is available today will be there to enjoy tomorrow.

So, please, take out what you bring in. Smokers, carry a sealable butt container. Properly dispose of waste. Leave what you find so the next person can also enjoy it.


Leave no trace of your having passed that way.

“Tread lightly upon this earth, seeing, understanding but never imposing.” – Anon

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