Dundee Beach (Northern Territory)

26/07/2015  We went for a drive west along Fog Bay Road to Dundee Beach, about 125kms south-west of Darwin on the shores of the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean.

Apart from a great stretch of beach, there’s not a great lot to the small community. It’s mostly a collection of houses and shacks of varying quality and age, and many of the property driveways are no more than tracks that led off into the scrub, with no indication of what lay beyond.

The town was developed in the 1990s as a weekend retreat for people from Darwin, and named in reference to the film “Crocodile Dundee”. I looked to see if there might be a Donk Street but the movie connection didn’t extend that far.

Fishing is the main attraction. We arrived for lunch at the Dundee Lodge, the local pub, campground, and fuel outlet, to find a fishing competition underway. There had to have been 50 4WDs and boat trailers parked behind the pub, with a tractor running back and forth launching and landing boats of various sizes. After a pub lunch and drink, we strolled along the beach and dipped our toes in the Timor Sea. The beach had lots of interesting rock formations that caught Di’s photographic eye, and we collected a handful of spiral shells to send off to our granddaughters back home. 

“The remaining distance to your chosen campsite remains constant as twilight approaches.” – Anon

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