Bob Dustrude’s Quick Buck Saw

8/07/2015  I love a camp fire and will get one up and going wherever I can. Finding suitable firewood can sometimes be a challenge, so to cater for all situations, I carry a small arsenal of gear including a small chainsaw, an axe, and a hatchet. But what I use most is a beaut folding bow saw I got from a mob called Four Dog Stove in Minnesota, USA.

Great name – their website says that where they are located, the old-timers used to measure how cold it got at night by how many dogs they’d need on their beds to keep warm.  Two dog nights are cold. Three dog nights are really cold. Four dog night are bitterly cold.  They specialise in making camping stoves for those four dog nights, but also make buck saws, designed by the owner Bob Dustrude.

The one I got is the 24” Quick Buck Saw, with a nice strong Cordura bag (waxed canvas material) and spare raker blade.

I use this saw a lot. It makes light work of cutting firewood for the Snow Peak firepit. Because of its shape, you get the use of the entire blade length to cut bigger timber, meaning you get more cut for less effort.

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