Snow Peak Tent Pegs

16/06/2015  It may sound a little odd, but I’m stoked about a tent peg. I do like something that’s well made, does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. I need to say right now that I’m not affiliated at all with Snow Peak who made them, nor with the supplier that I got them from, Drifta Camping & 4WD . I just buy their gear because it’s so good. These pegs are made in Japan and individually hand forged and finished. I reckon they’re the Samurai Sword of tent pegs. If you’ve ever tried to hammer a standard tent peg into really hard ground, you’ll appreciate just how difficult that can be. The peg bounces all over the place, doesn’t penetrate the ground very well, and tends to bend along its length. So instead of the peg, you end up using something heavy like a sand bag or a rock, and hope for the best. After seeing the videos on the Drifta website about the Snow Peak Tent Pegs (or Stakes as they call them), I bought some to try them out. And they are terrific. I’ve hammered these puppies into some really hard ground, and they’ve gone in straight and without any fuss. Just as importantly, they easily come out as well when I’m breaking camp. I started off with a few of the large 40cm pegs first, and have since purchased some of the 30cm and 20cm ones as well. These have set me up for whatever peg I might need. All the other standard type tent pegs I’ve had have since been tossed as they were nowhere near as good as these Snow Peak ones. These pegs rule… Snow Peak 40cm Tent Peg By the way, check out my tent peg driver/puller. Serious piece of kit. I call it “Thor’s Hammer”. Just show it to a peg and it’ll jump straight into the ground by itself from sheer panic…

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