Kimberley Kruiser – Stone Stomper

31/05/2015  The places we intend going in the Kruiser, we’ll be striking gravel roads of varying condition. I fitted a Stone Stomper rock guard to protect the front of the van and back of the car from stones and rocks thrown up by the tyres.
20150513_094751As each Stone Stomper is made specifically to the dimensions of the rig, I had to supply these to the company so it would be right for our car and caravan set up. (While measuring it up, I tore a muscle in my lower back and was laid up for a few weeks! Crazy how things happen…)

When the box arrived, fitting it was very simple and took about thirty minutes, thanks to the very detailed fitting instructions that came with it. It’s made of strong truck mesh with thick vinyl sections where added protection might be needed (such as under jerry cans), and attaches to the two front corners of the van, two points under the storage pod, and then to six points on the retaining bar that is bolted to the Mitchell Bros tow hitch on the car.
20150513_095018When unhitching at camp, only the six clips at the vehicle are released and I fold the Stone Stomper back under itself and clip it to the front corners of the van. This keeps it up off the ground and out of the way.
20150513_095031I’m very pleased with it. It’s well made and should work well to protect the van and car.

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