On the Road Again…

10/05/2015  After a period of twelve weeks at home in Scarborough, we are now back on the road.
During the layover, the Kruiser was serviced and we’re now camped at Woodford Showgrounds to familiarise ourselves with living in the van again.

It has taken us a little while to get back into our routine after being away from it for so long – like remembering which switch does what, and how to turn the hot water on. But in no time at all, we have found ourselves back “Living the Life”. A little bit of Up-Time (doing stuff, cleaning things, food shopping, repacking the storage lockers), a lot of Down-Time (coffee, reading, naps, happy hour) and life is great again.

From here, we’re going to central Australia, via south-west and western Queensland. Detailed planning is not our thing, as we generally just look for the next one or two camp locations. Generally, though, we will head west from Woodford via Dalby, Chinchilla, Roma and then north to Winton. At Boulia, we’ll decide whether to head into Northern Territory via the Plenty Highway or to continue north to Mt Isa via Lawn Hill and then do the big loop to Alice Springs. It will really depend on the condition of the Plenty and whether it’s been graded recently or not. I’d like to do the Plenty but a spell at Lawn Hill would also be very pleasant alternative.


“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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