Kruising Musings – 8

10/02/2015   An interesting but somewhat disturbing social aspect of caravan park society is the frequent sight of ladies of a certain age heading to or from the shower facilities clad in just bath robes. Seriously, what’s with that?!

The bath robes are generally white towelling, and fashionably half-length so as to achieve the necessary coverage of the wobblier bits. I once spotted a lady walking around the caravan park with just a bath towel wrapped around her rather fulsome figure! Not for her the modest towelling robe.

At this point, I want to be clear that I do not stake out the other park guests. It just so happens that sometimes you look up and see things which are hard to ignore. I’d really prefer to not see them, but there you go. Once seen, some things just burn onto your retina permanently.

I generally scan the caravan park rules to ensure we don’t breach any regulations, and am yet to see any mention of a rule that negates normally accepted dress standards when walking to or from the shower block. Nowhere have I read that it’s OK to strip off and wear just a towel around your waist, or that the park is designated as particularly Bath Robe Friendly. I subscribe to the school of thought that socially accepted dress standards should continue to apply when you enter through the gate of a caravan park. The Bath Robe Zone stops at the closed caravan door, and should extend no further outside. Please.

And, you know, it’s only the women who do this, not the men. I’ve yet to see a guy walking around wrapped in a bath robe or a towel. Shorts and singlets, perhaps, but definitely no towels or robes. So what possesses a grown woman to think that it’s OK to do this in a public place among total strangers? Do these ladies behave like this at home? Do they go out clad in just a towel to collect the mail or to bring in the wheelie bins, perhaps do a spot of weeding? Would they answer a stranger’s knock at the door like that?

I really would prefer not to see Bath Robe Ladies wandering around in their various stages of undress, both pre- and post-ablution. I don’t know these people. I am not related to them. If I was and we were perhaps within the confines of my own home, I might consider going from one room to the next wrapped in a towel…very quickly…like a quick leap from door to door…only if they weren’t at home, though, or were perhaps asleep in another room…because I have a reasonable grasp of the rules of social etiquette. And, besides, my days of having anything noteworthy to show off physique-wise are long gone, so why bother.

The Bath Robe Ladies should perhaps appreciate this of themselves. It is a little sad when your self-image has eroded to such a degree that you no longer care how inappropriately you dress or undress. You’ve hit rock bottom when you don the bath robe or towel…

Please, girls, cover up more.


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