Hallidays Point (New South Wales)



Heading further northward, we camped for the night on a powered site at Beachfront Holiday Resort at Hallidays Point. A two-minute walk from our van took us through the vegetation at the top of the beach and down onto the sand of Black Head Beach. We had a swim in the surf and went back to the pool for a rinse off and laze about. Later, while cooking our snags and lamb chops on the BBQ near the van, we met a couple from the Netherlands who were travelling around Australia for 6 weeks in a hire car and camping in a very small tent. They were having a ball and absolutely loved our country, the scenery, the people and the wildlife. I agreed wholeheartedly with them. Why travel overseas when there is more to see of our own country than could possibly fit into one lifetime!

We were tempted to stay another day but packed up. In the process, a sudden sun-shower hit and I left rather soaked. I think the rig wanted to stay as well, because the first two times we had to brake to a stop, the ABS kicked in and Di and I gave concerned looks to each other. The brakes were fine after that, though. I think the Land Rover was just acting up like an old horse that wanted us to know it wasn’t happy moving again so soon. Fair enough too, I guess. It plays a big part in our travel adventures so it should be able to have a say in things as well.


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