Rutherglen and Milawa (Victoria)

7/01/2015  We took a short trip today with Ian and Lesley to Rutherglen to sample the famous Parker Pies that Ian raved about. Every town in Australia has a local bakery, and each one professes to make Australia’s Best Meat Pie. They generally turn out to be ordinary, still yummy though because, well, I like meat pies. But, I reckon this bakery at Rutherglen has to take the gong. It definitely makes the best plain meat pie. I just had to get a second one to make sure…Yep…I was right. The best meat pie!

Ian and Lesley also had two pies so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty. Di settled for a flavoured milk because she doesn’t like meat pies (what’s with that?!) and they don’t come gluten-free anyway.

A short drive north took us over the Murray River into New South Wales at Corowa to see an art exhibition, then back across the Murray to Brown Brothers Winery at Milawa, before heading back to Bright. A very pleasant drive…

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