Kruising Musings – 2

29/12/2014  A feature of the Kimberley Kruiser that I particularly like is the view through the windows that run pretty much full length from front to back on each side of the van. There’s no other caravan that offers such full length views of your surroundings.

That said, however, there is a disadvantage to this.

When you’re in the van and hear a noise, you automatically tend to sit a bit more upright in your seat and lift your head up a little, and look first left through the expanse of windows, then right through the windows on the other side.IMG_3105

Di reckons I look like a meerkat when I do that.

Coincidentally, she came up with that idea when we were near the Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo. We now have a soft toy meerkat in the van that Di picks up and wiggles at me whenever she catches me doing “the look”.

So cute…I love it when she does that…lol

PS. We shared this with Fred and Di, fellow Kimberley Kruiser travellers who we met in Sale, and Di got back to us shortly after they headed on to say that, “Oh, my God, Fred is also a meerkat!” Must be a Kruiser thing…

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