Kruising Musings – 1

3/12/2014  Having just taken a stroll around the caravan park I’ve decided we are definitely too tidy! I know some of you will say you already knew I was, to an obsessive level, but as I wandered I couldn’t help but notice how much ‘stuff’ others love to display for all to see. I’m sure it’s useful but all on display! I can’t understand, as Pete and I only have maybe our thongs on the mat and most often not even the awning out.

We put out our chairs only when we need them, then we pack them away. Others seem to delight in having out: an awning with side walls; one or two tables; an assortment of chairs; containers of water; chemical containers; brooms; barbecues of different shapes and sizes; dog paraphernalia; dogs; and even some leave a portaloo on their mats. The list is endless. Obviously, we all need to surround ourselves with these small comforts so it seems like home and I suppose for some it is their only home. Each to their own – as long as we are all enjoying the journey.

Lightning Ridge - Opal Caravan Park (NSW)Farleigh Reserve - Cowra (Vic)






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