Maffra (Victoria)

30/11/2014  After staying in Sale for three nights, it was time to head off to Maffra for the wedding of our nephew, Alec, and Candice. A couple of days earlier, we’d taken a quick drive up there to check out the two possible sites to put up the van – the caravan park in town and the golf club on the northern outskirts. A quick drive-by of the caravan park didn’t impress us at all but the small RV Park that had recently been set up at the golf club looked very pleasant so we made a booking. It was fortunate that we’d done so as most of the eight sites were occupied by the time we arrived a couple of days later. We’ve had a great stay here, with farmland on one side and the greens on the other, and just the occasional “plink” of a well-hit ball to break the quiet.









It was nice to be able to help with the setting up of the wedding reception that was to be held in a large marque at “Mourne Park”, Candice’s family property just outside of Maffra. It gave us the opportunity to meet her family and friends, who continually came by to drop something in or help in some way towards getting things ready.

While Di was having a long remedial massage in town, I visited the Gippsland Vehicle Collection Motor Museum, located in a massive timber building built during WW2 and now fully restored after falling into disuse a number of years ago.  The museum is currently displaying a group of British sports cars and bikes, made all the more interesting by each being privately owned and loaned to the museum for the duration of the display.

The wedding at the Maffra Catholic Church on Saturday was a very happy event. We’d already caught up with many friends and family attendees over dinner at the Macalister Hotel the night before, and more arrived in town just before the ceremony. We had a wonderful time at the reception and got to bed very late. A great time was had by all. Definitely a wedding to remember…

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