Cowra – Farleigh Reserve (New South Wales)

12/11/2014  While at Carcoar Lake, we ran out of milk, which was akin to a disaster as we both enjoy quite a few cups of coffee and tea during the day. However, we had foreseen such an eventuality and came prepared with a can of Sunshine Powdered Milk, as recommended by people on the various caravanning forums. So, we mixed up a litre of powdered milk as per the instructions on the can and, surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad. Quite acceptable on the morning cereal, but not so good in the tea and coffee. After some experimentation, the secret lay in adding just a dollop to the tea and coffee, not as much as real milk, as the powdered milk is rather sweet and can overpower the flavour of the drink.

On leaving Carcoar Lake, we’d intended to call into the township of Carcoar, just a short drive further along the Mid-Western Highway to top up some essential groceries, especially the milk. We overshot the township as the highway goes through Carcoar at 100kph and we missed both turnoffs to the left and right. Just down the road was Lyndhurst which seemed promising but it turned out to not have a general store. The locals must rely on Sunshine Powdered Milk!

Our next overnight stop was at Farleigh Reserve, near Cowra. We pulled up in Cowra, had a nice lunch and drink at the local Bowls Club, and topped up on groceries at the Woolies over the road. A quick stop at the showgrounds to take on more water and then we headed on to Farleigh Reserve, about 10 minutes outside of town to the north west. The reserve is sited on the upper stretches of the Lachlan River which is reasonably fast flowing and very cold, as we found when we went for a swim to cool off after our drive.

Today (Wednesday), we visited the Cowra Information Centre that has a holographic presentation on the Cowra Breakout, that is exceptional. After we rang the Peace Bell we drove to the site of the Cowra POW Camp where the Cowra Breakout by 378 Japanese prisoners was staged in August 1944, and then on to the Cowra Military Cemetery that comprised an Australian section and a Japanese section.

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