Narrabri – Disco Brake Pad Light (New South Wales)

19/10/14  Between Bingara and Narrabri, a warning light illuminated on the Discovery, with a message advising “Check Brake Pads”. I knew that the pads were in need of replacement at some future time, and it looked like that time had arrived. There were a couple of fairly steep stretches coming down the Narrabri side of the Nandewar Range, so I alternated between engine braking, car braking and caravan braking to conserve whatever might be left of the Land Rover’s brake pads to get us into town safely.

Di’s twin sister, Deb, and her husband Stu live in Narrabri and we were heading there to spend a couple of days with them, so it was fortunate that the car trouble happened when it did as we had ready access to the services of a reasonably large town and were with family as well. We arrived on Sunday, put the van up at the Narrabri Showgrounds and moved in with Deb and Stu.

First thing the next morning, I was off to the local Repco for a new set of brake pads. Of course, being Land Rover none were in stock so had to be ordered – “No worries, mate. Overnight delivery from Brisbane. Be here in the morning.” I also ordered a set of brake discs direct from my usual Land Rover place in Redcliffe as the ones on the car would be needing replacement in a few thousand Ks anyway and it would be a waste to put new pads on old discs. All the parts arrived on Friday. Assurances of “overnight delivery” need to be challenged to determine exactly which night the delivery’s over…

We weren’t too concerned about the delay, though, as we were enjoying Deb and Stu’s company and their very nice air conditioned home during the week of uncomfortably high temperatures. And they hadn’t yet started to hide the air con remotes or change the locks so we didn’t appear to have overstayed our welcome.

The brakes were replaced on Monday by Stu’s mechanic mate, Rodney, with me acting as his unpaid apprentice and Haynes “Owners Workshop Manual” consultant. I’m glad I had the manual as there were some things that needed to be done that were specific to a Land Rover and this was very much Toyota territory. Three hours and a few beers later, the Disco was back in business.

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