Glen Innes 2 – Australian Standing Stones (New South Wales)

8/10/14  We, being of Scottish descent, couldn’t leave Glen Innes without viewing the Australian Standing Stones. Comprising 40 granite monoliths, the Standing Stones have a circle of 24 stones representing 24 hours of the day, 3 central stones, 4 cardinal stones and 7 stones marking summer and winter solstices. The ancient Celts raised stones as calendars to mark the seasons. We spotted a stone sent from the Macfarlane clan in Scotland to commemorate the raising of the Stones in the Southern Hemisphere. Pete even had the opportunity to try and pull the Excalibur Sword from the stone but he is obviously not the Chosen One!


Photo 3-09-2014 7 03 00 pm
“I don’t know, I’m stumped!”IMG_8276 copy


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