Kruising Around Australia – The Journey Begins

21/06/2014                                         Well, we are finally on our way! 


We would like to thank everyone who came to farewell us at Scarborough. It meant so much to us that you all came to wave us off even if we took a few more days to leave – Scarborough community is so hard to leave. A special thanks to Angelique and Norm who kept us sane and so well fed. Very special friends indeed. We moved on to the Woodford Showgrounds where we got to see the Welsh pony competition on the day Andrew and the girls came visiting. Jamie (my youngest brother) and Leona and Lara popped in as well after lunch. Paula (my eldest sister) and Peter also came to check out the van and give us some handy hints, as they are definitely seasoned caravanners. Rosie, who I taught with in Toowoomba bought her mother down from Caloundra for a visit as well. It was great seeing them both so well. So spoilt for visitors, no wonder we haven’t moved too far.



No more getting up at 3am for me. Pete found a way to warm up and how convenient as it was just across the road – the old Linville Hotel. Too handy! We even had unexpected visitors from Scarborough – Michael and Elizabeth dropped in and gave us a wonderful surprise one day. Start packing Elizabeth – he’s got the bug!

Linville - Hotel (Qld)

Linville – Hotel (Qld)

Simon and Lindsay also came to Linville and stayed overnight in their tent – very brave souls indeed! It was great hearing all about their trip to America. They had a fantastic time and were very spoilt by Lindsay’s family!



We have had a few things that needed fixing on the van so have been back to Kimberley a couple of times and, as a result, haven’t moved too far afield yet. Woodford has become our second home! We stayed a couple of nights at our friends Tony and David’s house while we left the van with Kimberley. Such a treat being so spoilt for a couple of days. Do I really have to go back into the van with no electric blanket? Only kidding, I love the lifestyle, talk about wasting time and just sitting in the sun all day and admiring the views and then at night in front of the fire Pete loves making. No wonder he was a rural firefighter, he just loves sitting gazing into a fire every night.

Today we tried reversing the van into an imagined space with me directing and no cameras. What a disaster – I can’t even reverse a car so I’m not too sure how Pete thinks I’m going to envisage the angle the van has to be at. Hopeless for sure – we gave it away before tempers started to flare. Definitely coffee time even though Pete was looking for something stronger!

The joy of staying so close to Scarborough has been the number of visitors we have had while we get used to the van. We were so touched that David (my brother) and Suellen drove all the way from Toowoomba to visit us at Woodford. Of course that meant another great lunch at the pub. I’m glad I’d lost those few kilos before we left! Norm and Angelique bought Coco out for a visit to Linville this weekend. Such a long way for a visit. We are truly blessed to have such special friends and family.

Thank you for the lovely messages we have received but we were often unable to reply as we had no internet or phone reception most of the time. We miss you all heaps and are always thinking about you all.

Linville - Free Camp Site (Qld)

Linville – Free Camp Site (Qld)

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