Departing Home: Checklist

We hope this checklist may help others when planning their adventure around Australia. I’m sure we have forgotten some items but hopefully it will be a starting point for your own planning.

Month Prior to Departure:

    • Cancel mailed bank statements
    • Arrange for all bills to come by email
    • Arrange for all bills to be paid by direct debit
    • Purchase fishing permits

  • Review and update Wills
  • Arrange for mobile wifi and telephone service
  • Arrange for GPS Vehicle Tracker mobile service
  • Review and update caravan and car insurances

Week Prior to Departure:

  • Advise body corporate of absence and contact details
  • Advise contents insurer of absence
  • Defrost outside fridge
  • Empty house fridge and freezer
  • Camera batteries charged
  • House keys to friends/neighbours
  • Set up a list of vehicle repairers around Australia
  • Set up redirection of mail
  • Relocate potted plants
  • Garage area secured
  • Locate spare keys for vehicle
  • Second car battery terminals disconnected
  • Jack up second vehicle to prevent flat spots on tyres

Departure Day:

  • All appliances turned off and unplugged
  • Balcony furniture secured
  • House fridge turned off
  • Fridge doors chocked open
  • Windows closed and secured
  • Sliding doors closed and secured
  • Washing machine water tap turned off
  • Dishwasher water tap turned off
  • Mailbox key to neighbour
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