Caravan Kitcheware: List

Caravan Kitchenware: All drawers and shelves were measured and shelf liners were cut and labelled prior to collecting van.

    • thick shelf liners
    • gas portable burner and four cartridges
    • frypan for gas cooker
    • camp oven and accessories
    • whistling kettleB Second bottom drawer on right
    • electric kettle
    • electric mixer
    • electric stick blender
    • thermos
    • 2 x drink bottles
    • Thermal Pot with two saucepans
    • casserole dish – Corelle 1.4L
    • salad plastic platter and plastic servers
    • 1 x set Melamine dishes.  Melamine must not go in the microwave so we have a couple of plates and bowls that we can put in the microwave.
    • icecube trays

  • plastic cutlery trays
  • 2 x glass wine glasses
  • 2 x plastic drink glasses
  • 2 x china coffee cups
  • 2 x metal coffee cups
  • set of plastic kitchen boards
  • set of sharp kitchen knives
  • set of kitchen utensils – plastic grater, plastic tongs, long handled metal tongs, whisk, pastry brush, potato peeler, bamboo skewers
  • set of cutlery
  • dip and cheese knives
  • spatulas
  • scissors
  • can opener
  • sifter spoon
  • collapsible measuring cups
  • measuring spoonsE Second cutlery drawer on right
  • collapsible mixing bowls
  • thin scales
  • small plastic measuring jug
  • collapsible colindar
  • metal strainer
  • plastic storage containers
  • plastic egg storage container
  • net food covers
  • 4 x cork hot pot mats – two for inside and two for outside kitchen
  • metal round cake and pie tin, 4X small pie pans, 2X small enamel loaf/pie dishes
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire blanket
  • Weber Baby Q accessories: breakfast tray, Pizza stone, roasting trivet, Convection trays, large Q Pan
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